Tropical Rainforest Biome

Veronica Hernandez

Food web

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Energy Pyramid

Only 10 percent of the energy in each transfer is actually captured. So, plants only capture about 10 percent of the solar energy available to them. Herbivores capture only 10 percent of the energy stored in plants. And, the same is true "on down the line" of the food chain.
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Carbon Cycle Diagram

The carbon cycle starts with plants. During photosynthesis, a plant absorbs carbon dioxide (one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms) from the atmosphere. Carbon is used to form the body of the plant, while oxygen is released back into the atmosphere. Later, when the plant respires, decays or is burned, carbon is returned to the environment. In addition, it can be absorbed into the body of animals eating the plant, whereupon the carbon will be passed up the length of the food chain, being released during respiration, and when the top predator dies.
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