Learn about the Pharaohs

Come to Egypt

Come to Egypt there are so much thing that you can learn about the pharaohs. If you know King Tut then you know there is a statue of him. The pyramids are very big. Slaves made the pyramids and the blocks where as heavy as a elephant also the pyramids hold the dead pharaohs. You should come to Egypt.

Some famous Pharaohs

One famous is pharaoh is King Tut. His real name is Tutankhamen. He was became a pharaoh when he was 9 years old. Another famous pharaoh is Cleopatra. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh. That is often what she was referred by. The youngest pharaoh was 6 years old when he ruled. His name is Pepy. Pepy ruled Egypt for 94 years. Those are some famous pharaohs