Erika Avina

Should abortion be legal in the United States?

Abortion shouldn't be legal because it's basically taking away a innocent human beings life, and there is so many other options out there instead of having to abort the baby.

Why abortion isn't right


Abortion shouldn't be legal for many reasons. Number one reason for not having abortion legal, is because it is a crime. A crime of taking away the life of a innocent human being who didn't even get to experience the joy of life. Now I know many people think of it differently how a fetus isn't a actual human being until after five months. but it is still living.

Text Evidence 1

" A similar law in Texas, which women's health activists say has helped shut down several abortion clinics." In Texas they are shutting down multiple abortion clinics because they don't think its right.

Text Evidence 2

"A similar law is currently blocked in Alabama, where it could result in the closure of four of the state's five clinics. If the Supreme Court were to uphold the Texas law, most clinics across a broad swath of the South could shut down." In Alabama they are closing their are starting to shut down their clinics one by one, because they are allowing abortion to happen.

Text Evidence 3

"Because we recognize that abortion is bad for both mother and child, pro-life leaders do not support the prosecution of women and will not push for such a policy." The people will not fight for the right of abortion. They know that it is both bad for the mother and the child.

Text Evidence 4

"The unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; but oh, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!" Aborting a child can lead to the women that was having the baby feeling guilty. Guilty because she took the life away of a unborn child all because of a mistake that she may have committed.

Text Evidence 5

"The vagueness of this poorly but legally defined threshold of fetal viability, or state in which abortion is no longer legal due to the fact that the fetus can sufficiently live outside of the mother, has become more and more detrimental to the abortion argument as new medical discoveries have been made." Basically what is happening is that abortion is now becoming less common. The people are trying to make it illegal to abort. It is not the fetus fault that you don't want him/her. They are so many other options out there instead of aborting.

Abortion should not be legal


Abortion is illegal. In many states abortion isn't allowed anymore. This may seem like its a bad thing, but there are so many other options then aborting. For instance, you can have the child and then take it to an orphanage for someone to adopt. Now I know this isn't the best idea, but it is better then taking away the child's life.