GCS Social Studies News: Late 2015

...making History come alive...


We have just finished up our unit on The Neolithic Revolution. The students wrote convincing essays, providing evidence as to why it was a major turning point in history. We are now learning about the early river valley civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. This includes Mesopotamia, the Nile River valley, the Indus River valley and the Yellow River valley. Students will compare and contrast the characteristics of these complex societies.


I can't quite believe we're this close to the holiday season! I've had a fantastic time working with all my students this year, and the days are just flying by.

In 7th grade Social Studies, the students are working to finish a project related to Shays' Rebellion. They've considered whether Daniel Shays should be remembers as a rebel, or a freedom fighter, and they're designing a monument to Daniel Shays that reflects their point of view. The final projects are due by the end of class on Wednesday. Please remember to check the calendar on my website for important assignments, and the ever popular "Student of the Week."

If you have any questions, always feel free to send me an e-mail at agreer@greenwichcsd.org.


Students continue to ready themselves for upcoming January Regents exams. They are immersed in practice exams and review essay packets. Others, who do not have January Regents are also working hard on essays and prep for the end of the school year. The Global Studies Regents Exam is on Tuesday January 26 at 8 am, while the US History exam will be administered on Thurs Jan 28, also at 8 am.


8th grade recently finished study on industrialization and began a unit on immigration. The unit on immigration includes an interactive research study of immigration patterns in the United States through Ellis and Angel Island immigration stations.

Global History & Geography 9

Global 9 students are studying classical empires and the belief systems that developed within the empires. A big part of lessons will be devoted to golden ages. Some of the empires students will learn about include Persia, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, and Han China.

AP Global 9

Students are beginning unit 2, the formation of classical societies, in AP Global. Some topics they will study include the empires of Persia and Zoroastrianism, the unification of China under the Qin and Han empires along with Chinese philosophies, the Maurya and Gupta empires of India and the quest for Salvations, the Mediterranean societies of Greece and Rome and the development of Christianity, and cross-cultural exchanges between and among these societies.

SS10: Global Studies

The students have been very busy in Global Studies 10! We completed our first Inquiry Project on the French Revolution, spent multiple class days planning and typing an essay on Nationalism, and spent time researching current events using the Chromebooks. We are currently studying the Industrial Revolution and working on another Inquiry Project that asks the students to consider if the Industrial Revolution moved society forwards or backwards. We started integrating the use of Google Classroom into Global Studies 10, too. Please check SchoolTool regularly to see if your child's work is up to date and feel free to email me with any questions at kcamadine@greenwichcsd.org.

AP World 10

AP students will be finishing the 1500-1800 era over the course of the next 3 weeks and move on to unit six. Unit six will encompass a study of an age of revolutions, industry and empires. Included will be the Latin American revolutions, the Industrial Revolution and the conflict between capitalism and socialism, the Americas in the age of independence, and societies at crossroads such as the Ottoman, Russian and Chinese empires.

SS11: US History & Government

US History and Government students are currently wrapping up their study of US History up to the Civil War. They have covered Federalists, Democratic Republicans, Monroe Doctrine, Jackson, Manifest Destiny and sectionalism leading up the Civil War. They also created projects on Reform movements of the Mid 1800s. Students will begin study of the Civil War after the holiday break. The Regents exam is scheduled for June 15th 2016 at noon.

SS 12: Government & Economics

The seniors have been studying the economic implications of decisions. As part of this they studied the costs of continuing education after high school and completed a cost-benefit analysis of post-secondary education. The students then worked on the “Life After High School” project in which they developed a budget associated with the occupation they chose and the associated costs of living. The culmination of these activities will be a visit by recent graduates of GCS to discuss their post high school experiences.

AP Government & Politics

Students have spent some time learning about interest groups and the media. They enjoyed viewing presidential campaign commercials and hypothesized impacts of those commercials, as well as the effect of media, in general, on the general populace. They will study Congress, the executive branch and bureaucracy, as well as the judicial branch through the end of January. The AP exam is Tuesday May 10 at 8am.

AP US History

I can't quite believe we're this close to the holiday season! I've had a fantastic time working with all my students this year, and the days are just flying by.

In AP US History, we're already through the Reconstruction era, and we're on to the major events of the late 1800s. The students have made great progress with their skills, and are showing themselves to be more and more prepared for the AP exam in May. The class does have a midterm scheduled on January 19. The midterm will review Periods 1-6, and it will be structured like a full practice exam.

If you have any questions, always feel free to send me an e-mail at agreer@greenwichcsd.org.