Everyday Hero

Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer is an everyday hero because he is considered one of the most active people in helping, solidarity and cooperation with people of the third world. He mainly helped India where he arrived in 1952 as a Jesuit missionary. He worked in the construction of several community services: two schools, a hospital and two student residences. He also created a program, in India, to obtain water for crops. Ferrer moved to Anantapur, where water was very scarce, and health and education didn't exist.

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He worked as a missionary. A typical working day for a missionary means starting at 09:00 and finishing at 20:00. A missionary works in a poor country without resources.

At work he had to finish with poverty in India. He helped millions of people, he gave many ideas and he had to investigate India to know their needs. To be a missionary you need to speak the language of the country, read books and watch videos about cultural missions, make exploration trips to the country where you are going to work...

I would love to be a missionary because I like to help people without resources, But I would prefer to be a doctor because it is more easier and I love the human body.

Isabel Alba Serrano