Captain's Log

September 19, 2016

CREw Updates

Ahoy Mateys! I hope you all had a restful, relaxing, and rejuvenating weekend! We spent another Saturday in Clemson and enjoyed seeing the team play with enthusiasm again. Sure is fun to be a Clemson Tiger and raise our boys loving the Tigers too!

Thank you all for your positive attitudes during our meeting on Tuesday. Those conversations are never easy to have and I appreciate the drive, motivation, and sense of urgency you all have displayed during the meeting and since the meeting. I am sure we will see a positive change in the data over the next couple of years and I look forward to watching it all unfold and celebrate along the way. Dr. Merck will be here to talk to the faculty on Tuesday, September 27 at 3:00. Also, please complete the survey below to provide your reflections/feedback on how we can improve student achievement at CRE.

We will focus on Teamwork this week for our COLTS Pride expectation. We will celebrate our Colts of the Week on Friday for those students who did an exceptional job showing teamwork this week!

We are looking forward to a fun Open House Night on Monday. Be sure to refer to the schedule that Mrs. Davis sent out and follow your grade level for the evening. Mrs. Sexton and Mrs. Wilbanks will be delivering your Breakout supplies Monday morning. Please let us know ASAP if you are missing anything. Remember these supplies are for you to keep and use in future lessons in your classrooms....great for review or introduction of a unit...truly engaging!

Tuesday is a District Tuesday and there are specialized area meetings for certain teachers...check PD Express to see if you are expected to attend anything specific to you.

We are planning data days for each grade level in the coming weeks. We will also be writing your SLOs during this time. Please see the schedule below and let me know ASAP if you see an issue with the day planned for your grade level. We will schedule the subs.

9/26-Kindergarten/1st Grade

9/27-4th Grade

9/28-3rd Grade

10/3-5th Grade

10/4-2nd Grade

I'm looking forward to a fantastic week of learning at CRE. Teach, teach, teach...teach with passion and purpose. Immerse yourself. Give these children your best...they deserve it! Let me know if you need anything or if I can assist you in any way! Be positive and be excellent!

Striving for Excellence,

Jessica Patterson

Improving Student Achievement at CRE Feedback

All certified staff needs to complete the survey by clicking here. Please complete by Friday, September 23.

Activities ON DECK this Week:

September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day (refer to Mrs. Ellison's Email); Be sure to turn in lesson plans and newsletters through google drive; BreakOut Open House 6:00; Progress Reports Go Home

September 20: District Specialized Area Meetings

September 21: Mrs. Patterson at Principal's Meeting

September 22: Title 1 Committee Meeting 3:00

September 23: Island Time; Spirit Day--jeans and CRE or favorite college team shirt/colors

LBD/Envision Material Info from Mrs. Ellison

On Tuesday (9/20), I will come around to your classrooms during planning to check out LBD and enVision kits to you. You already have these in your classrooms, but I just need to check the barcodes on them to officially check them out to you. Please be sure to leave the materials in an obvious place (or leave me a note of where they are) so I can check these quickly. Thank you!

2016-2017 CREw Calendar

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The Importance of Student Feedback

In reflecting on best practices in teaching, I truly believe that providing students with high quality, specific, academically focused, immediate, and frequent feedback is key. I recently had a conversation with a strong math teacher and asked her "what is your secret?" Her response: "I don't let any students practice problems wrong in my classroom. I am constantly giving feedback and making sure they are practicing their problems correctly. I don't sit down and I take advantage of every minute I have with them." Her response reminds me of Immersion from Teach Like a Pirate and the importance of high quality student feedback. I challenge you this week to notice the feedback you provide to students. Is it high quality? Is it frequent and specific? Are students practicing problems/tasks wrong? Immerse yourself and provide feedback constantly and consistently to your students every day!

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