Teach Like a Pirate Book Study

Saranac Community Schools

TEACH LIKE A PIRATE, written by Dave Burgess - Teacher, Author, Presenter & Pirate!!

Sign up on the Google Form at the bottom of this page by: December 18, 2015.

We will "set sail" January 11 and our journey will conclude on February 22.


Mondays (see dates below)

3pm - 4pm in the Big Conference room at the Elementary School

The Map

Session 1: January 11 PACK YOUR BAGS

Introduction and Reading Time

Session 2: January 25 - Part 1 TEACH LIKE A PIRATE

Passion, Immersion, and Rapport

Session 3: February 1 - PART 1 TEACH LIKE A PIRATE

Ask & Analyze, Transformation, Enthusiasm


The Third Circle, Crash Course, "I like to Move it..." Long live the Arts, and What's in it for me?

Session 5: February 15 - PART 2 CRAFTING ENGAGING LESSON

All the World's a Stage, Stand and Deliver, Advanced Ta Tactics, Around the Edges

Session 6: February 22 - Part 3 BUILDING A BETTER PIRATE

The Awkward Question, Where do I start?, Finding a Crew, and Finding Treasure


  1. This book study is VOLUNTARY (and hopefully fun!!). You are in no way required to read this book, but if you participate you may count this study as 6 SCECHs (approval pending).
  2. A successful voyage will include input from all of you mateys. Whether you're a landlubber or an old salt, your contributions are valued.
  3. Each session will require about 30 minutes of reading before we gather. Don't be a scallywag; come on time and prepared to share and learn. Otherwise, you might have to walk the plank! :)
  4. HAVE FUN! This book is all about how to become a better, more energetic, more joyful, more passionate educator. Some parts may resonate more with you than others and that is perfectly fine! Take what pieces of information work for you and use them. The rest, you can toss overboard!


The first 10 buccaneers to sign up will get their personal copies of Teach Like a Pirate before we leave for break.

All you other pirates will have to wait until we board the ship on January 11.