Infant News

This week we were busy playing, playing, playing! We have so many rollers, crawlers, and walkers that keep our days filled with fun and activity. It is nice to see green grass and flowers sprouting up and we are ready for spring time activities. When the weather allows it, take a walk in the sunshine and point out the robins, daffodils, and green grass. Spread out a blanket and let your baby explore the world around them. Older babies will love watching bubbles while outside. Pick a flower if you can, and let baby feel the petals. Sometimes the best entertainment is a soft breeze and a blue sky full of clouds!

Upcoming Dates:

April 18-21: April break, no school

April 20: Easter Sunday

April 22: Earth Day

April 24: Messy night, 5-7 PM

Friday Funny...

So you're saying there's less static now that it's Spring? Whew....