Davis Update 8-3-16

What's up?

Room set up is underway!

All teachers can now begin working in their rooms, with one or two exceptions of rooms still being cleaned. Please remember, we can no longer staple to the wall- staple holes cause bigger damage in the long run, and cannot be easily filled when painting. One teacher suggested using push pins to hang your fabric backgrounds, then using packing tape to hang items on the fabric. This is FINE. Just don't push pin everything all over your room or we'll be in the same boat we're in with the staple mess. Command hooks are a good option, too.

Also, there is a stash of painter's tape in the front office. Sandra can give you a roll, but we can only buy so much at a time, so please share when you can. Painter's tape is the safest way to preserve our freshly painted walls when hanging posters and student work.

There is not consistent air conditioning yet. It will begin to flow freely on August 11.

The roof, the roof, the roof...is still being replaced. Please park as far away from the building as you can. Robert already got a nail in his tire. On the street is preferred as they move the replacement across the building.

Love you lots and see you soon!


First Day of Work by Category!

August 11- Teachers

August 12- Paraprofessionals