Weekly Launch

January 29-February 2


Don't forget about the calendar change for our faculty meeting. We will be meeting Tuesday instead of Wednesday. The reason for the change is we are having a presentation on the new phones that will be installed this week. 2nd grade will be sharing with us and we will have our TELPAS training.

Don't forget to fill out the instructional coach survey this week.

We are finally wrapping up our progress meetings. We have enjoyed visiting with you about your students. We are so proud of all the hard work that you put into this job. The support you give the students is evident.

Important Dates

Please take note of all the dates this week!

January 29-

Suzi out all day

Progress meeting-Coipel, Smith, Young, Raj, Criswell

C4-3rd grade

January 30-5th grade intermediate visits

Progress meeting-!st grade

C4-3rd grade

Faculty Meeting-Instructional Specialists snacks/2nd presenting

PTA LImo Ride for fundraiser winners

Freddy's Spirit Night

January 31-3rd curriculum study day


February 1- Wear character shirt

Suzi out all day

Character Connection

World Read Aloud Day

1st grade curriculum study day

C4-1st grade

2nd grade music program-7:00 p.m.

February 2-Suzi out all day4e

2nd grade music program-8:30 p.m.

Grading Period ends for progress reports

4th Alpha

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Sportsmanship

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Janese

Excerpt from NSOC application

During teachers’ weekly collaboration time, there is intentional planning for materials and activities to connect CVs to the curriculum. While teachers take advantage of the everyday teachable moment, NPE does not leave character education up to chance. Instead, our teachers intentionally plan for connecting the CVs and curriculum. Some grade levels have incorporated CVs into their homework activities. For example, students are given a choice to complete a random act of kindness or help a family member with a chore. CAMP character which stands for Counselor, Art, Music, and PE has expanded over the years. From 2:35 – 3:07 grade-level teachers participate in professional learning while students are engaged in character learning with our CAMP teachers. We went from a prescribed curriculum to our CAMP teachers creating their own lessons tied to the CVs and based on student need. Each CAMP teacher targets a specific topic like goal setting, conflict resolution, mindfulness, or self-care. For example, our PE teachers focus their lessons on how our students can be responsible for their health by making responsible food choices. In our district and campus strategic plans, CVs are addressed. One goal for this year is that each learner will expand his or her potential by continuously setting, reflecting upon, and achieving academic and CV goals. Teachers will model and teach goal setting and meet with students regularly to monitor their progress.

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Word of the Week-infer


Thanks to Sue Witt for all of her tips and tricks this week, from Progress Reports, Dreambox data tracking, Seasaw Activities and walking me through the Swivl! For someone who is at work part time you are a constant blessing to us!

Thanks to Terri May for allowing First Grade to use the library for our H.E.R.O project presentation. She even had the tables moved for us so we didn’t have to use our block time to move them!

Thanks to Jeannie Neyland for being so flexible with World Read Aloud Day and arranging all the author sessions and activity ideas!

Thanks to Rene for putting up with me between my grant mix up and complaining about the A.C. daily! She always takes care of me with a smile!

Thanks to Kathy Labrode for coordinating another year of Biggest Loser! Thank you for always encouraging us to get healthy!

Shout outs courtesy of Stephanie Hirsch! Thanks for sending these to me.