The Internet World

Here you'll learn all about the internet and it's resources

IP Address

Internet Protocol address or IP address is a set of numbers and letters assigned to each device that uses the Internet. It tells you exactly where your computer is.
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Web Cache Server

The web cache server is stores information such as documents and images.


Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the reference to the website that you are visiting.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Is the company that provides your connection to the internet such as Du or Etisalat.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

The DNS is like a telephone directory, telling you which IP Address's are connected to which uniform resource locator (URL).
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Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Http://)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the main communicator for the World Wide Web (www.). It also helps define how messages are formatted and transmitted.

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

This is a type of network that lets two hosts exchange data. The IP network only deals with small exchanges of communication and data.

LANs (local area networks)

Local area networks or LANs are networks that are used and accessed in a specific place such as a school building or company. LAN is different from the internet because LAN is a private network that operates on the devices in a specific place but the internet is worldwide and links many networks to billions of computers anytime.