Anthony Romero

take over

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First day as owner

When Anthony Romero took over the A.C.L.U. the American Civil Liberties Union. He was charged with bringing the venerable civil-liberties group into the 21st century. His first day was Sept. 4, 2001 a week before 9/11 he wasn't expecting anything like it.

What he does now

Today Romero is experimenting. He's intentionally courting unconventional allies in hopes of fixing the civil liberties debate. He has hired Georgia Congressman Bob Barr as a consultant, Bob Barr also co-authored the Defense of Marriage Act.


He is a very hard worker. Has a very good job and he is very successful man. He shows great representation to the Hispanic/Latino community.He is the owner of the A.C.L.U. he is a good liberty leader.He is very respective as a successful man.
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