Reflective Response

By:Thalia Castillo


At the beginning of this MGRP, I wanted to discuss the deficiency in education today. My expectations approaching my first genre was to prove the ineffective in improving education through methods like the increase in standardized testing. To support my statements, I provided my readers with an informative flyer with a more organize way to view my information. The evidence that supported my claims was through a survey that prove students were not satisfied with their education. Finally, in Genre 4, I expected to make something where I could show some of my readers an entertaining visual story on the subject which was a storybook.

Once I did all my research I learned a great deal. In my first’s genre, I felt like I learned the most. There was so much information on how the problem is being dealt with. I learned about psychological research on teaching. There was research on how to prove behavior at a young age and test like “The marshmallow test.” In my genre 2, I learned through the methods of a flyers to organize what I had learned. It taught me how to break and organize my research. Genre 1 viewed the opinions of other kids about their learning. In my 3rd genre, my research helped me learn better teaching methods and why they are effective. I used them to create a children’s book.

My perspective definitely change while creating each Genre. With my first genre, the essay wanted to argue against the failed attempts in other methods use to improve education. The methods were not actually the problem but rather the schools not implementing them to their system. While too many standardized test are not great because of the stress in children and not as helpful, I do believe necessary to see where the students are lacking knowledge. In my genre 2, my opinions did start changing as I researched more on the topic. Attention has been brought to this issue indeed, but while we can still make improvements my prospective did change in how they are handling it. For my Genre 3, my purpose for making it was to prove how other students believe they were not satisfied with their education, but I did not see that in my results. While some students were not satisfied with their leaning methods, there were also some votes that prove that they felt good about their education. There wasn’t a strong correlation between either opinion. What I got from my survey made me rethink my research. For my genre 4, my perspective change in creating a typical learning storybook for children. Some of the methods I applied in the book were some that are already used in classrooms which made me change my perspectives.

I chose Genre 1 so that my audience could clearly view the problem and its solutions. For my genre 2, the main goal was to provide my audience with an organized way to view my information without having to read a complete essay using pictures. While in genre 3, I wanted my readers to see or themselves actually results on my own survey conducted as well as their view on it. I was hoping that they would able to see my argument reflected through that survey. The storybook for genre 4 was an easy and fun way for my readers to see those teaching methods applied in the learning environment.