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My collages

Stephen F. Austin

A medium sized collage with a 20:1 student faculty ratio. Located in Nacogdoches Texas SFA has the most popular major being business which is what I am going for. They have a nationally acclaimed tutoring center located in the library the average graduation time is 6 years with an average financial aid package of about $11,000. Most people are around the age of 23. 2% of students are out of state

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Reasons I like this collage

It has a beautiful campus and a high amount of school pride. the gender and race breakdowns are all mostly even. 58% of applicants are admitted average. average scores are 502 SAT MATH 494 SAT READING 473 SAT WRITING 21 ACT COMPOSITE they do accept AP credits.

California State University: Bakersfield

tuition for me will be $16,632 and the have the major I want (business). 1% of students are out of state. a medium sized collage with an average financial aid package of $4,225. again even gender and race breakdown, 62% acceptance rate. it costs around $6,000 for a room.

Austin College

a small private collage with a medium acceptance rate of 54%. the tuition is $34,655 but he average financial aid package is $33,055 it is still very difficult to get in with very high sat and act scores. since the collage is small the student faculty ratio is 12:1. 96% of students graduate in 4 years they are a D3 school that offers many sports including the ones I'm interested in.