HCDE-Digital Tools ELA-10585

Kelly E. Tumy, HCDE Curriculum Director

Social Media Interaction

Social Media: #HCDETLC

Twitter: @HCDE_ELA_SS

Twitter: @KellyTumy

Part One: Google Forms

Part Two: Padlet Three Ways

Part Three: Create Your Own S'More

Create a Book Preview using this tool. Follow these steps to create the preview:
  1. Make the title "Book Preview: (Title of a recent read.)
  2. Add a picture of the book
  3. Add a description of the book.
  4. Add your Contact information at the bottom.
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Part Four: Using Google Forms for RTI

Think about uploading TEKS; uploading student names just for formative assessment for yourself. What kind of RTI meetings could you have? What new information could you contribute?
RTI-Google Forms
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Part Five: Poll Everywhere & Today's Meet

Use this to gauge several things in class: how far students have read in a novel or passage, how many can define a vocabulary word, where to put commas in a sentence; you can see results immediately and can see where you need to go next.

Today's Meet is a backchannel where students can ask questions as you are lecturing.

Part Six: Five Card Flickr

FLICKR is a tool that can be blocked by many servers, so be careful about using this tool. FLICKR has pictures anyone can upload, so think and plan when using this tool.


My STORY: http://5card.cogdogblog.com//show.php?id=39484

This is ONE of the pictures form my 5 Card Flickr

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Part Seven: ThingLink (Both Website and APP)

This tool has evolved more into a marketing tool than an educational tool, but it is fun to use as a different way to annotate than to just pass out a piece of paper.