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By: Zane Asad

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The result of Berlin conference in 1884 was run by Europe in a successful attempt to colonize Africa. Below is a map of the colonization after it was colonized.
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Apartheid in South Africa

In 1948 Afrikaans started to run the government. The Afrikaans was racist, and thought that all blacks should be separated from Whites, Asians, and the coloreds. This angered the blacks and some whites too. It forced blacks to move to poor places called homelands. Blacks could not vote, had low paying jobs, they had to go to go to poor schools, and even had to carry identification! They ran marches and threw protests. All of which were very peaceful. The people that ran it all were normal people, but the one that put a lot of work into ending apartheid was Nelson Mandela. He was a normal black African American. He ran protests and marches. After many years of protests from black South Africans and pressure from foreign countries, apartheid was finally ended by President F.W. de Klerk. In 1994, Nelson Mandela, who had spent 28 years in prison for fighting apartheid in South America was elected president of south Africa during the country’s first multi-racial election. Although some whites supported the ending of legal discrimination in South Africa, many whites resisted the change. Nelson Mandela and the new leaders of South Africa have worked hard to create a new South Africa based on equality and Peace.