MSA Parent Update

August 28, 2020

Just a quick update about a couple of important items. Please check out everything that is going on at MSA:

Masks Required on campus and on busses

This is a reminder that masks are to be work at all times while on campus and on busses. Please do all we can to assure the safety and welfare of us all. This is a team effort. We really are all in this together!!

Student Parking

Starting Tuesday, September 4, 2020, no cars will be allowed to park in the student parking lot without proper registration and parking tags. Students have one more week to register their cars so they continue to have the ability to park on campus. If your child is a student driver, please help us assure that your child is properly registered with the school.

Students may NOT at any time park in the faculty/staff parking lot in front of the school.

ID Cards

This year, as an increased safety measure, students will be required to wear an MSA identification tag on their upper body at all times.

To assure that this happens, any student who comes to school without their ID on will NOT be allowed on campus until they go to the office and get a reprint of the ID card. All reprint ID cards will cost $5.00. Any student who does not have the funds to pay at that time will be billed the cost of the replacement ID card.

Thank you for your attention and support in this matter as we work to continually improve our security on our campus.

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We would like to thank everyone for doing a good job of being fully in uniform the first two weeks of school. Please remember the following items daily:

  1. Only MSA logo shirts are allowed at school.
  2. Students must wear a belt at all times.
  3. ID Badges must be worn at all times on the student's upper body.
  4. Shirts must be tucked in and may not be rolled in any way.
  5. Only MSA sweatshirts can be worn during the school day at any time.
  6. Students may not write on or alter their uniform or sweatshirt in any way. (that includes cutting the neck or cuffs of the sweatshirts.)

A quick note on Friday shirts - Friday shirts that are allowed this year are only official club shirts, shirts from major MSA productions and events, and our standard MSA Friday shirts (gray or black with the logo or PE shirts).

Shirts from activities that students have done outside of school will no longer be allowed. Thank you for helping us enforce the dress code. Just a reminder, when we have no school on Friday, students may not wear Friday shirts on Thursday.

Friday shirts are for Fridays ONLY.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us enforce this important policy at our school.

2019-2020 Yearbooks

We still have 2019-2020 yearbooks available for anyone interested. The cost is $60 cash, and they can be purchased at the front desk.

Please email Ms. LeBuffe at if you have any questions.

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Rainy Dismissals

Please continue to be prepared for rain! We are in the most rainy time of the year for Florida. Getting wet at dismissal is common this time of year, and we expect the rain to continue. With that said, please note the following rainy day procedures and expect that dismissal on those days will take longer than normal. Together, we will keep our students safe and get them home as dry as possible.

In the event of severe weather, we will change our release procedure to ensure the safety of our students. Once the buses get into a normal routine, we will release all bus riders first. All parent pick-up cars must pull into the parent pick-up loop. MSA staff will instruct you what to do at that point. After all buses are gone, we will move the vehicles from the car rider loop to the front of the school. The staff member in the car rider loop will direct you when to move. Do not come into the front parking lot until you are released from the car rider loop. Cars in the front parking lot will hinder the movement of the buses and will slow the entire release process. We will have all students who are car riders waiting in the front of the school. We will call the students out once you have moved to the front of the school.

Please talk to your student about being quiet and patient while waiting. We will only use this Rainy Day procedure for lightning and other severe weather conditions. Please make sure that your child comes to school prepared for rain. It is always a good idea for a student to have a poncho available in their backpack for rainy days.

We realize that this procedure will lengthen the time it will take to get the students home, but with your patience and support we will be able to get all students out of the school as quickly and safely as possible. Thank you for your understanding, as we will have rainy dismissals before the year is out.

Additionally, we will use a texting feature on our parent notification system to notify you if there are any changes in dismissal procedures.

Parent Pick up Reminders

It is important to note that the proper pick-up procedure at the end of the day is through the parent pick-up circle at the front of the school property. Picking up your children off of school property is not safe, and it violates our neighbors' private property areas.

The entrance of Riviera Dunes, the bank, rehab center, the furniture store or the Courtney are not places that students may be picked up at the end of the day.

We have great relationships with our neighbors and we can't interfere with their businesses or the daily function of their clients. All surrounding businesses have been advised to call local law enforcement if they continue to have problems with parents picking up students on their property.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Checking School Announcements

Be sure to check out the school's website ( for important information. The daily school announcements are posted on the website, with a link on the left hand side of the homepage!

Please be sure to keep up with what is going on here at MSA!

Fortify Florida

Suspicious Activity Reporting

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Upcoming Events

September 2020

7 - No School - Labor Day

11 - End of Progress Period

October 2020

9 - End of First Quarter

12 - No School - Records Day

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