Radios In The 1920s

By: Joshua Freeman

Basic Facts

  • After the opera season ended radio stations began broadcasting things like classical music, sporting events, and newscast.
  • KDKA (The first major radio station) Monopolized the airwaves until 1922 when the competition grew very fast.
  • In the mid 1920s, a typical radio set cost about 150$
  • Stations really began to compete against each other for time and listeners
  • Radio stations like KYW enhanced a sense of community among different ethnic groups as each group could listen to programming that fit their interest and needs

Fun facts

  • Sometime between 1923-1930 radios sold out
  • 60% of American families bought radios
  • Advertising over the radio became big after a decade of spending 10,000$ dollars on it
  • The Chicago radio show in 1924 was to show new radio designs.,with 250 designs of radio receivers and parts
  • 1922, 600 radio stations sprung all around the United States
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What one of the first radios looked like in the 1920s