Friday Favorites

Little Bit of This and That


Have any of you tried this? I’ve heard great things about it, but I want to see if it truly improves behavior. What do you think?

Would it really help keep them on track, or would it be a constant distraction?

Check out Hugh Jackman's behavior report for his parents!

Anyone going to join these two on SchoolRack?

Speaking of that Jayme Giametta...

If there is one person I know that really looks at everything I send and work on, it’s Mrs. Giametta! She is always quick to send a “Thank You!” and was lightning fast about replying to my email I sent out this week about the computer lab schedule being online. Of course, she followed the link to my website and checked out the pages, where she found the “Technology Spotlight”. Sure enough, not even 10 minutes later, I had an email with the list of different technologies she has been using in her classroom to get parents and students involved.

Come on now, girls. She can’t be the only one who likes a Jeans Pass and free stuff!

Free Rice

For each correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice!

I just think this website is a great way to allow students to not only play an educational game but help feed others across the world as they play. Plus you can set up student accounts, keep track of how much they have donated, and award certificates, which are available on the website.

Project Based Learning

This is an excellent website for project based learning! It's full of resources for you to use to inspire and assist you in creating your own multimedia projects!

You made it through the first 9 weeks!

Enjoy your weekend!!