Suriname country project

By Ryan Rodgers


The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo.
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Major cities

Major cities are





Suriname history

Suriname was controlled by the Netherlands before they were granted independence.

This country did gain independence in 1975.


The main language in the country of Suriname is Dutch.

Suriname flag

As seen in the picture below the flag has a yellow star with green, red, and white stripes.
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Geographical information

Suriname is in the north part of South America as seen in the picture below.

Physical features of Suriname

-tropical rainforests



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Political information

The type of government in Suriname is liberal democracy

The president is dési Bouterse

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Economic information

Suriname dollar is the form of currency

The economic system is capitalism.

Tourist information

People should visit because there are butiful sights and amazing rivers. Also if you are a thrill seeker you can visit amazing wildlife.

Tourist should visit the capital (paramiba) and go canoeing. They should also explorer forest. And meet new wild life.