Your Secure Digital World

By Analisa Karathanassis


This site will help you enjoy the internet but also be safe on the internet. You will understand the responsibilities which come with the internet. If you have already have a problem, this site will also help you get through your problems. Also if you want to help your friend because you believe something is wrong, we will give you some advice.

Rights and Responsibilities

The internet might be safe but it is also dangerous. Your responsibilities in the internet is:

  • You should never talk to someone online who you don't know
  • Don't send inappropriate pictures to someone because once you press send it's out of your hand
  • Pictures you send to someone might become public
  • Never share any personal information
  • Keep your users private so only your real friends can get in
  • If someone is being inappropriate, ignore them but if they continue click "Report Abuse"

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Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)

How to use social media safely and responsibly

I will give you some information for how to be safe online and responsible. Most people feel confident online and that they belong. They feel this because they have met someone who thinks the same way as they do and make them feel better about themselves. They start talking about more personal things which they don't feel confident talking to their parents about. Then they became closer friends. After, everything becomes inappropriate. Eventually they decide to meet each other somewhere and that is when you understand the person you were talking to isn't who you thought he or she is.

There are 83 million fake accounts on Facebook. That is only Facebook. What about twitter, flickr, tumblir, skype and many more. These people act to be your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. They will lie about their age, gender, personality and characteristics. You might think you are chatting online with a 13 year old girl who turns out to be a 30 year old man. They will do anything to impress you and gain your trust. They might also send you a picture of someone saying that it is them.

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Meeting Someone Online

If you meet someone online ask yourself:

  • Is he/she too good to be true?
  • Do they talk about inappropriate things?
  • Do they make you do things you know is not right but you do it anyway? These people choose people who have pictures of themselves they wouldn't show their parents of. Always think before you do something, think if you know who you are chatting to online and why did they choose you?

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Playing and Staying Safe online