Planning Your Next Event

Silent Threat

Silent Threat @Jazz On The River Columbus Ga

So you're planning for your upcoming event?

Hello and Congratulations on your recent decision to allow “SILENT THREAT ENTERTAINMENT” the privilege of hosting your next event. We are very excited and have already begun our preparations toward making your event a complete success. Below you will find a list of important information that will assist us in planning this special event for you. Please notice that rates may vary depending on the needs specific to your event and specific details, if any, agreed upon between the client and SILENT THREAT ENTERTAINMENT.

Important Information

Please be informed that this is a contract between the client and the band for any services rendered, including but not limited to, sound, DJ, and band performance, this does NOT reflect the total price for your event, but exists as an overview if any questions may arise. Please inform us via email if you have any questions unanswered by this contract and also please provide the date, start time and end time for your event. In addition, if any changes occur to the needs for your event please notify us as soon as possible, thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please understand that there is a required deposit for all events, at least 50 % of the grand total for your event. This deposit exists as your insurance that no other client will schedule an event with us on your designated date; the remaining balance is NOT due until the day of your event.

Special Pricing


The package deal includes BAND + SOUND + DJ for 4 hrs.

Price: $1,750


· BAND ONLY (Please notice prices vary depending on the length of the performance)

  • Price for 1 hour: $600

  • Price for 2 hours: $850

  • Price for 3 hours: $1,250

· DJ ONLY (Prices vary depending on length)

  • Price: $300 - $500


  • Price: $350 - $2,500

Still unsure of your entertainment needs? Come see us live

Sunday, Sep. 22nd 2013 at 8:30-10pm

5300 Sidney Simons Boulevard

Columbus, GA