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Unless you are a terrible person, which I hope you are not, more than likely, you want to become a better person. In order for that to happen, something has to change.

If you are not a drinker, and have never indulged yourself on alcohol, well good for you. Stop reading this, and go do something else. However, if you are a substance abuser, well then, you must stop that right now.

If you have not stopped abusing substances yet, then clearly you need more professional help. You probably should use a hotline. A hotline, for those of you who do not know is a way of contact to another living person. If you are in a barren wasteland, with no form of human contact, besides a phone, a phonebook, and you have forgotten the phone numbers of your friends and family, you should probably use a hotline that helps people in barren wastelands that have lost the memories of their friends and families phone numbers.

In this case, the hotline "1-800-2526465" is the alcohol/drug abuse hotline. It is a hotline trained especially for people who have that sort of problem. Call them if you need professional help.