iPads in the classroom

Tech Talk after school

Part two of using iPads in the classroom

  • Quick revision of what we learnt last time
  • Reducing distraction when reading Reader, how to print web pages
  • Saving web pages to reading list including offline reading
  • Bookmarks
  • Creating icons for your most used websites using aHomeIcon
  • Photos including editing, slide shows for open night, albums for storage
  • Videos
  • iTunes U
  • Apple and the education market


  • The more you use your iPad the more you will learn
  • Share what you learn with others who own iPads

A few more tips and tricks

Double tap arrow on keyboard to have caps lock on

Double tap space bar for a full stop when typing a sentence

To select a paragraph tap quickly 4 times on the paragraph

Dictate on your iPad using Siri

aHomeicon creating an icon for most used websites

This demonstration works the same way on an ipad as it does for an iphone

Create an Icon for a Website or Custom URL on your iPhone or iPad