Snow Board Designer

By: Trevor Wech, Reviewed by Hans

What a person does in this career.

You prepare sketches snowboard ideas, Detailed drawings,or blueprints,or use computers with your work. They Evaluate their ideas based on factors of appearance, safety, function,serviceability, budget, and production cost/methods.

Why I chose this career.

I choose this career because I ride a snowboard a lot. I always wondered how they make them and design them. It also seemed like a good career.


You need to have skills with engineering. Or with industrial design that is some of them. You also need to now how to work with machines and plastic/metal. You need to be able to talk to others.

The Education Needed to get career.

You want to major in industrial and product design.Bachelor's Degree or Associate's Degree usually needed for this career

The branch of science.

Snow Board Designer falls under the branch of physical science. The reason is because it deals with the forces and friction. Also it works with Newtons Laws of motion.

Something interesting I found was.

I found out they are all hand made. They work with machines that use your strength. You also can make any design you want. Some company's are Burton, and Rome. Me and my brother have the brands they I told you above.