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Potential Recess Changes

This is very important- so please take a moment to read carefully.

Not a person in an elementary school would agrue that elementary teachers need more prep time. This year, teachers are spending a great deal of extra time prepping materials for Units of Study (writing) along with new Math materials in additional to all regular planning and preparing.

In an effort to find additional prep time, we have drafted a recess supervision schedule that would give grade-level teachers additional prep time. This schedule would still utilize three adults at recess to adequately supervise all of the students we have, but only one each day would be a teacher, and the two others would be support staff that would go out every day. This proposed schedule provides minimal disruptions to the instructional day (noted in the far right column). You can find the attachment in the email with the link to this week's Friday Focus (as attachments don't work in Smore). Please look through it carefully, and then we need ALL STAFF to respond once to the anonymous survey found here by Thursday, Sept. 22 at 9am. Please let your voice be heard. We will spend a few minutes discussing this at the start of ER if there are any questions or additional ideas you have once you look it over.

Tweet of the Week

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It is imperative that absences get entered in Skyward & Aesop prior to the absence. This is important for a few reasons. One- all teacher and support positions (with the exception of Heather, Jamie, and Shaleen) now qualify for subs. If the absences aren't entered, we have no chance of getting a sub. Two- we're tracking how many sub jobs go failed to fill, and that is hard to track when they aren't entered. Unless you have specific permission from an administrator to NOT request a sub (those are rare- usually when a teacher needs to leave a few minutes early for a doctor's appointment or something), then you must do so. Teachers, if you have an assistant, they need to put in for a sub- even if you think you could make do without one.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Center Grove Schools are committed to providing a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum for all students. Do you find yourself wondering what exactly that means? Please click HERE to read to access a quick FAQ sheet on the topic!

In The Know...

Upcoming Events:

  • 9/20: 8am PBIS meeting
  • 9/21: 8am PAC meeting
  • 9/21: ER: PLCs
  • 9/23: Grandparents' Day
  • 9/30: Mother/Son Dance
  • 10/27: Author/Illustrator Visit: John Steven Gurney. Click here to see a list of the books he's written and illustrated. So excited!

Please welcome our newest staff member, Stephanie Faulk, who is working in the afternoons as an assistant in Angie Snodgrass's room!

Happy birthday to...

Allison Smiley (9/19)!
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A Big Superstar goes to...

  • Sarah Lux who voluntarily hosted a literacy night for the parents in her room! She shared some really helpful information in regards to ways parents can support their child's learning and how children acquire literacy skills.
  • Jenny Vergara and Carrie Dilley for creating new clubs to give our students opportunities that currently don't exist at MG. Jenny is starting a folk dancing club and Carrie will be the official school sponsor for a MG Robotics Team. Thanks ladies!
  • Heather Gant for organizing and hosting our first instructional rounds of the year, and then leading a book study with the New Teacher Academy after school the same day! You rock!
  • Don't forget, you can nominate a colleague for Superstar recognition in the Friday Focus, or you can share good news so that we can share in your joy as well!