Pinterest for kids!

Innovative & smart, playful & useful, 100% safe and easy to use!! Any kid from 3 to 13 years old will enjoy Kindergram!

Kindergram is a new concept of social photo-sharing application designed to provide kids their first safe social media experience!

Busy parents will enjoy Kindergram! Forget the time where parents constantly had to check-in & approve kid's interaction on social media. We are 100% safe.

How it works?


No private message, no verbal comments. Kids use innovative emoticons to share positive feedback!


We do not entail any risk of violent image. Kids use our screen capture button and photo-filters to safely share what they do on their favorite apps!


It's fun to follow other kids. It's easy to discover playful apps. Kids use the pinwheel button to spread the word about they like.


By following others, kids have fun to discover applications that perfectly match with their interests. Doodles, games, educational apps, all their favorite apps are now accessible in one unique safe environment.

On Kindergram, discovery is social!

Kindergram Inc.

Kindergram is registered as Delaware C Corporation since August 23rd 2012.