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Almost Getting Away With Murder

Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, the dog and almost the nosy neighbor. Greenwhich Village in New York city was a quaint apartment complex, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and diverse with people of different lifestyles: Dancers, musicians, artists, and even murderers. I lived in these apartments and often enjoyed sitting on my window and reading a good book, but one day I was startled out of my reading by a loud ear piercing scream.Quickly rushing over to my neighbor, L.B. Jefferies room, I knocked and questioned if he knew what was going on. He said he had his suspicions and would get in touch with me once they were confirmed. He kept to his word and some time later, I had a new story for my article. Lars Thorwald has been convicted of murdering his wife and spreading her chopped pieces over a river.

Feminism Now In The 1950s

Feminism now can be severywhere, but isn't as subtle as in the 1950s. Feminists are more openly active and proud for what they stand for. They hold their ground and most fight tooth and nail. Feminism then wasn't as strong of a movement as it is now. I feel like feminism then was often overlooked and laughed at more so than it is n