Alexander Graham Bell

Father of the Telegraph

Alexander G. Bell was on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotand. Bell had a grandpa who sturdied mouth resonance and his dad sturdied mouth resonance. Created his first invention as a child. Bells father/grandfather really influenced the way Bell grew up to be.

Bells brothers died of a virus going around so they moved to Branford, Ontario, Canada.
Bell married Elise May and had seven children.
Moved later to Boston to teach dead people.

"Invented" new ways for teachers and he dead.

Continued experimenting with the telephone.

On march 10, 1877 Bell filed for a patent for the invention, then in 1877, a year later, the first telephone was installed in a private home.

Was put in the "Science" magizine for his efforts.

Alexander died in 1922 and was 75.

Alexander G. Bell is most famous for the telephone, but also devolped ways to speak to the dead.

Bell helped billions of people all over the world comunicate.