Protecting yourself!

How it happens:

Identity theft happens all over the world, every minute nineteen people are victimized by it. It happens when you get robbed, or when you don't update your bank security. You can get robbed multiple ways as to who you get robbed by. It could be a breaking and entering, a drive by, a robbing of place of work, or even just a run of the mill wallet/purse snatch. There's also new technology where if you manage your bank on the computer, your account can get hacked and you can lose your money that way as well. They even try to scam the elderly as well, disguising themselves as telemarketers. There's multiple things that can happen, and it's insane what ways criminals come up with just to save themselves.


There are multiple ways to protect yourself from your identity being stolen:

1. Don't give out your social security card unless it's completely necessary.

2. Keep the PIN to your credit/debt card to yourself.

3. Keep receipts to watch for unauthorized transactions.

4. Put firewalls on your computer at home for banking at home.

5. Check your credit report yearly.

6. Keep wallets and purses close by.

7. Keep new checks out of the mail.

8. Only carry essential documents with you.

Some scenarios