Ranchers and cowboys

Amal Mchachti and Brandon Jacobs


Do you love challenges and want to feel useful ? Come and join my ranch in Cheyenne , Wyoming . In my ranch , you will be able to have an amazing experience as a cowboy . There are always things to do but you'll mostly be asked to drive the cattle to the railroad . You're required to be able to handle blizzards , know how to care of the cattle and how to use the equipments . You'll live a great adventure by facing lightning and cloud bursts , stampedes , rattlesnakes , sleeping under the stars ...
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3348 Ridge Road

Cheyenne , WY 82001-1734

What do you need

In order to be efficient and useful , it is required to be a person who likes challenges and can handle all kinds of conditions and situations . It'll certainly be easy to know how to handle cold weather and blizzards , since we're located in Wyoming , and sometimes the temperature will plummet to below zero . Also , it is important to mention that you should already have had an experience with the cattle and lived in a farm .

Your job will be to do the long drive . Taking the cattle from the open range , branding them and driving them to the railroad will be your main job .


First of all you can make money easily by just driving the cattle to the nearest railroads which is not very far . Also , you will be able to experience and live like a cowboy . Not everyone can work with horses and cattle . You will have the possibility to drive them along and far away .