Fall Service Fun

A day to serve, eat, and dance the night away!

We want YOU!

Enjoy an entire day doing good! Serve your way to happiness as we support the City of Meridian, and local organizations in making our home a better, cleaner place. We have many projects we'll get to work on, including our tallest building, the 3 Foot Building.

Hattiesburg Stake Youth Service Project

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 1pm

2320 8th St

Meridian, MS

Parking will be behind the Meridian theater (on the north side). There is also additional parking across the street (south side) in a large parking garage. It's free on weekends.

Meet in the ballroom on the north side of the theater. Entrance is on the side of the building. Further instructions will be given here after we've all gathered up!

What to bring if you have them:

-Flat shovel

-paint scrapers

-dust masks


-trash pickers

-wide brooms

-dust pans




Come dressed warm and ready to work in dirty places!

Bring a change of clothes and any toiletries you'll need to clean up for dance

Bring a light jacket. Forecast 70 degrees high/ 42 degrees low.


1PM- Opening exercises (don't worry... we won't be doing any stretches!) in Ballroom behind theater.

- Break up into service groups and follow instructions provided

5PM- Report back to ballroom to "Return & Report"

- Time for those who need to clean up will be availible. You'll get the flier in opening exercises.

6PM- Dinner

7PM- Dance until ???