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March Newsletter

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Welcome to our Newsletter

We have decided to start this monthly newsletter to give our customers more information about Juice Plus and some helpful tips and tricks to help with your journey!

Thank you for being a customer and if you need help or have questions please feel free to contact us via email info@ecolivingandgifts.com.au

The Juice Plus+ Formula

Juice Plus+ contains natural fruit and vegetable juice and pulp powders from fifteen different fruits and vegetables, the powders from nine Berries and grape and bran from two grains. The powders are concentrated from fruit and vegetable juices using a proprietary, low-temperature process that retains as much of the original nutrition as possible.

Juice Plus+ also contains from natural sources additional carotenoids, ascorbate, tocopherols, and folate to ensure the delivery of these key antioxidant groups in consistent amounts across all batches, regardless of growing and harvest conditions and to support label nutrient claims. Where possible, plant sources are used for this purpose, such as Dunaliella Salina as a source of mixed carotenoids, and accrual cherry as a source of ascorbate. In addition, other naturally sourced phytonutrients added to Juice Plus+ include specific phytonutrients not found elsewhere in the Juice Plus+ formula, such as pectin and bioflavonoids from citrus fruits and fibre from beets, prunes and dates.

Juice Plus+ products also come in an all vegetarian capsule.

The key to Juice Plus+ (and what separates it from most nutritional supplements on the market today) is that it is whole food based nutrition from 26 different fruits, vegetables, berries, grape and grains plus an array of phytonutrients and fibres found in them that has been proven effective through independent clinical research.

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The cleanest, simplest and most nutritious pancakes around!


  • Mash banana in a bowl. Whisk eggs separately. Mix together well OR Blend ingredients together in a blender.

  • Cook in a greased non stick pan over gentle heat as you would normal pancakes- it's super important to cook these SLOWLY!

  • Serve with mashed berries and coconut yogurt.


  • Add 1/4 cup oats to the blender for a thicker batter and extra energy.

  • Dot with blueberries whole cooking.

  • Add cinnamon or vanilla to taste.

  • Add some chocolate or vanilla complete powder.

SO versatile! And kids love them too.
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Customer Testimonial

"After struggling with my body image from a very young age, I tried everything, I had no knowledge of the damage I was actually doing to my body, diet pills, diet drops, shakes, lemon detoxes, not eating, binging, purging, exercising 7 days a week, you name it, I was in a bad state mentally and physically, when I came across the JBT program, I was counting calories, weighing myself daily and very unhappy, I just though it was gonna be another one of those things!

I started experimenting more in the kitchen as I was inspired by the JBT recipes, I realised that eating healthy didn't have to be boring, I become very aware of how foods made me feel and how powerful the healing property's of fruit and vegetables were.

Within a matter of 3 months on the program I had lost 7kg, I was having a complete smoothie when I would normally opt for a sugary snack that would leave me feeling guilty and taking my fruit veg and Berry capsules every morning. The last time I weighed myself I was still 6.5 kg down but since than I have ditched the scales for good, that was 8 month ago. I now no longer obsess over what I eat, my clothes fit well, I go out and order what I please, I treat myself, but I also make sure to nourish my body everyday, I crave more good foods than ever before, I exercise, my skin glows, I rarely get bloated and most importantly I'm happy and healthy and it's sustainable." - Perri


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