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News You Can Use-Fall 2015

A Vibrant Learning Community

Vibrant learning communities focus on learning for all: adults and children. One area where I have seen RCS grow leaps and bounds in the last two years is in the area of innovative teaching and learning practices. This includes embracing STEM learning through PLTW, raising the rigor through our ACE work, and increasing chances for students to communicate, collaborate, and create using new forms of technology. All of this requires great learning from the adults in the building qualifying RCS as a true and VIBRANT learning community!

Google Chromebook Pilot

Since the fall of 2014, there has been a committee looking into the needs of 21st century learners and investigating different types of devices and 1:1 programs. We journeyed to four schools with established 1:1 programs in place to observe classrooms, talk with teachers, and learn from administration. We hope to pilot Google Chromebooks in the 7th grade at St. Francis throughout the second semester to help us decide if this device should be used in grades 6-8 at all schools. Click here for more information regarding the Google Chromebook Pilot.

Embracing a 1:1 device program is far more about the teaching strategies than it is about the device. Providing each student his or her own personal learning device (PLD) allows us to transform teaching and learning into something we could only once imagine.

RCS Summer Institute

Save the date! We will have our third annual RCS Summer Institute on August 8 and 9, 2016. Start thinking now about something you would like to share with others or learn about. Send Emily Pearson any suggestions you have.

Three-Minute Walkthroughs

The principals and I have been out and about visiting classrooms and conducting "3-Minute Walkthroughs." In fact, more than 140 walkthroughs have been conducted. The point of the walkthrough is not to evaluate teachers. Rather, it is a way for us to get a better picture of the teaching and learning happening daily in our classrooms. Here is a great article regarding classroom walkthroughs. https://www.naesp.org/resources/2/Principal/2009/M-A_p30.pdf

Your principal will be sharing the data from the walkthroughs with you soon.

A Quick Read-The Importance of Reading in School

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