Payton's Hobbies

By: Payton Sodervick

My definition of "Hobby"

Hobby- something you enjoy doing and something that you do often

Three Major Hobbies

1: Fishing

2: Cars & Trucks

3: Camping


Why? Enjoying the outdoors from swimming in lakes to cooking over the fire excites me.

How did I learn? Family. My family has always camped and owned a camper or RV ever since they've been together. Just recently, we got a new Class C RV.

How long? Even though I may not remember it all I've been camping for almost 13 years.

How often? We camp on most holidays throughout the year whether it be the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day.

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Why? I like the excitement of reeling in fish and having the oppurtunity of catching a record breaking fish. All my family members are avid fisherman and I guess it's passed on to me.

How did I Learn? My dad started teaching me as soon as I could walk.

How Long? I've been fishing since I've been about 4-5 years old.

How Often? When the weather's is cooperating I fish just about every weekend.

Boat? I have three boats, a Stratos Bass Boat and two Jon boats.

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Payton's Fishing Trip

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 6am

Lake Istokpoga, Highlands County, FL,

Bass Fishing Trip!

Cars and Trucks

Why? My dad likes to work on cars and fix them up and sell them. This interests me too! Like most people I'd hope, I'd like to drive a nice car than an ugly rusty one, so if I learn this stuff I'll be able to make mine look nice.

How did I learn? Whenever my dad or my sister's boyfriend Trent is working on a car or a truck, they teach me how to fix certain things, and how to make them look better.

How long? My dad's been teaching me ever since he restored his 86' Ford F-150.

How often? I work on cars and trucks every so often, so about 3 times per month.

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Dictionary Definition of Hobby

Definition- an activity done regularly in one's pleasure

Resource- dictionary on computer

Hobbies or Nah? Yes, I regularly do these activities and always enjoy them. They'll be my 3 major hobbies for many years to come!