By - Prachet, Rahul, Raina,and Yug

Technology, we all think we know what this word means, It is omnipresent; from our pockets to charging sockets. But is that all? Through our primary research, we have discovered a common misconception in people’s minds that says “technology is harmful to our culture” or ”technology is not helpful to the world’s culture. instead, it is eradicating it,” we don’t agree totally with this tiny voice yelling in your head, as we say in our research “technology is not developing to eradicate culture or creativity. it is actually the exact opposite,” technology promotes culture. it is something to share your ideas to spread the wings of heritage, to make people(and sometimes yourself) know how beautiful your culture is. For example, have you heard of the ancient Rogan art? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t and if you have, it is probably from their website or the numerous videos popping up on youtube. now don’t you think that this is a perfect example of what we, as a group, are trying to portray? so That is why we think that the misconception about technology and culture is wrong and if you agree after reading this article, we would like a sign below as a remembrance of the minds we changed.

- Teculture