Countdown to Kindergarten

Oak Hills Elementary School

July 2021

Welcome to Kindergarten at Oak Hills Elementary School! Some families will be joining the Oak Hills Elementary community for the first time, while others will be sending a second or third child off to school, following in the footsteps of an older sibling. We are so fortunate to have a strong school community, comprised of educators and families who share a commitment to quality early learning experiences for our youngest students. We are thrilled to partner with you through the coming years!

Our Kindergarten team is a dynamic group of educators who are looking forward to working with you and your child. After a year of learning in Comprehensive Distance Learning and Hybrid instructional models, we couldn't be more excited to begin the coming school year in person. We have learned a lot over the course of the pandemic and are confident that we will approach the coming year with new ideas and innovative approaches to meeting the individual learning needs of each child.

As we begin a new school year, we would like to share some "helpful hints" to help you and your child make a smooth transition to Kindergarten:

  • Share your excitement about joining the Oak Hills school community. Visit the campus. Ask questions and answer the questions your child may have. It is important your child is feeling connected to their teachers, classmates, and the school community as a whole.

  • Prepare your child to be supported by a variety of adults, beyond his/her/their classroom teacher. Our scheduling format allows for more frequent contact from a range of staff members, including content specialists (P.E., Music, Special Education, Academic Intervention, English Language Development, etc), our school counselor or student success coach, and school administrators. Students will connect with many friendly faces over the course of a typical school day.

  • Read, write, draw, talk and encourage questions about the kindergarten experience. Our local libraries have innovative ways of accessing books, both virtually and in-person. As you read together, talk about the pictures, words, characters, setting, plot, and the choices the author and/or illustrator made to engage a reader. Try out fiction and non-fiction. Think about how books connect to the world around you or other books you may have read previously.

  • Support the development of number sense and early mathematics by counting, comparing, adding on, taking away, sorting objects by observable features (e.g. shape, size, color, etc.), and recognizing the applications of math in the context of your daily life.

Please keep an eye out for additional information coming from the school in early August and from your child's teacher in late August. We look forward to welcoming all of our Kindergarten students to the Oak Hills Elementary School community!

Kindergarten School Supply List 2021-22

  • Large backpack (without wheels) – large enough for library books
  • 2 boxes of 24 Crayola brand crayons
  • 1 box of Crayola brand washable markers (8 colors)
  • 1 Box Crayola colored pencils (8 colors)
  • 4 Elmer’s brand glue sticks
  • 24 #2 Ticonderoga pencils - sharpened
  • 2 containers of baby wipes
  • 1 set of 8 watercolors (Crayola or Prang)
  • 2 packages of 4 Expo dry erase markers – fine point
  • I set over-the-ear headphones
  • 1 reusable water bottle
  • 1 pencil box
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 scissor, blunt tip
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 ream of paper

Additional Items by Last Name:

  • Last Names A-G: 1 roll paper towels
  • Last Names H-M: 1 box Kleenex
  • Last Names N-S: 1 bottle of (12oz.) hand sanitizer
  • Last Names T-Z: 1 box Gallon Ziploc Bags

Items to keep in your child's backpack (all year):

  • 1 set of seasonal clothing (pants, top, socks, underwear) for emergency change.

Classroom Teacher Assignments

Each year, teachers email the families of students assigned to their class during the week prior to students' first day of school. You should anticipate receiving an email from your child's teacher during the week of August 30th! Our teachers will invite each family into the classroom during our Kindergarten Meet & Greet sessions, hosted on Wednesday, September 8th and Thursday, 9th by appointment. Please look for communication regarding the scheduling of Kindergarten Meet & Greet sessions in August!

First Week Schedule for Kindergarten

During the 2021-22 academic year, the first day of school for students in grades 1-5 will be Wednesday, September 8th. Our kindergarten students follow a separate schedule, allowing teachers to connect with students and families in individually or in smaller groups. Please see the detailed schedule for kindergarten at Oak Hills below :

  • Wednesday, September 8th: Oak Hills Kindergarten Meet & Greet (by appointment only); No school for kindergarten students
  • Thursday, September 9th: Oak Hills Kindergarten Meet & Greet (by appointment only); No school for kindergarten students
  • Friday, September 10th: Kindergarten students with last names A- M only
  • Monday, September 13th: Kindergarten students with last names N- Z only
  • Tuesday, September 14th: First day of school for all kindergarten students!

Kindergarten Registration

If you completed an online registration form, the following documents should be provided to the Oak Hills school office. Your child’s registration is complete when the following forms have been returned:

  • completed student enrollment form (available online)
  • certificate of immunization
  • birth certificate- We will make a copy of your original document
  • proof of address

Once registered, you will fill out an Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status or bring a list of immunizations from your child's pediatrician. Oregon Law requires that this immunization certificate is completed before your child may attend school.

Immunizations are available through private physicians, clinics, and the Washington County Health Department (503-846-8851) in Beaverton and Hillsboro.

  • 5 Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTaP)
  • 4 Polio
  • 1 Varicella (chickenpox)
  • 2 Measles
  • 1 Mumps
  • 1 Rubella
  • 3 Hepatitis B
  • 2 Hepatitis A

New Students

If you have friends or neighbors with incoming Kindergarten-aged children, please encourage them to enroll. We have paper enrollment forms in the office. Online enrollment is always available at Oak Hills School Office will be open on Wednesdays throughout the summer from 8am-noon. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or stop by if you need to drop off enrollment forms or vaccination records.

Visit the BSD Kindergarten website for more information about Kindergarten enrollment.

Oak Hills Elementary School

2625 NW 153rd Avenue

Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Phone: 503-356-2410

Fax: 503-3562415

Student ID Number

Once enrolled, your child will be assigned a Student ID Number. This number will follow them through the duration of their schooling (K-12) within the Beaverton School District. This number will not change if your child moves from one school to another within Beaverton School District.

Your child will use their Student ID Number to purchase meals from the cafeteria and check out library books in at the elementary level. In middle and high, students will use this ID to check out text books, for locker assignments, class scheduling, etc.

IMPORTANT! Please help your child practice and learn their Student ID Number. Also, please keep your child's Student ID Number handy. You may consider saving it as a contact within your phone or storing it securely in a place that is accessible if needed.



ParentVUE is a web portal that allows parents and guardians to access real-time information related to their students, including:

  • Attendance
  • Calendars
  • Course history
  • Emergency contacts
  • Grade Book information
  • Report cards
  • Schedules
  • School information

ParentVUE is also used on an annual basis during the start of each school year to verify student enrollment information.

IMPORTANT! Please keep your user name and password handy so that you can access school/district communication and any updates to your child's school account.

Online Payment System

Please make sure you set up your online payment system to pay for fees such as field trips. As your student progresses within BSD, this is how payments will be accepted. The online payment system is a separate account from ParentVue but the link is accessible through Parent Vue.

Online Payment System Set-Up

IMPORTANT! Please keep your user name and password handy.

Apply for Free/Reduced Price Meal Benefits

If you think your family might be eligible for Meal Benefits, please apply! The eligibility cut off is a lot different than you might think. Students in eligible families can eat school-provided breakfast and lunch for free. Any school fees can also be reduced or possibly waived (this is more applicable in middle school and high school).

More information here:

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