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Children often struggle not only with understanding their feelings, but also relating to other people’s feelings. These skills are critical for personal well being and building relationships.steps for teaching children to understand and manage their feelings as well as identify and respond to other people’s feelings. In September, your students will work on the four different lessons relating to feelings. We will learn about the following:

1. Identifying Feelings

2. Planning for Strong Feelings

3. Recognizing Other People’s Feelings

4. Responding to Other People’s Feelings

Lesson Plan

Your students will follow along as we read about feelings through the book I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis. Then they will get the chance to talk about what feeling(s) they are having. I will encourage the practice of making their own weather as we talk about how the way we feel can change their whole day. We will talk about how these feelings can be strong and how it affects our bodies, our actions and our relationships. They will practice recognizing others feelings and how to react to them.

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