MPA Minute

October 12, 2020

Holiday Wreath Sale October 12 - 26


Instructional Fees - Don't forget to pay the instructional fee for your grade level $35.00.

E-Learning Day - Friday, October 16 is an e-learning day. This means that ALL students will be at home working within Lexia, Dreambox or IXL. The teachers are planning one brief assignment for students to complete. You will get an assigned task from your child's teacher on Thursday, 10/15. Please use the rest of the day for independent, self-guided make up work. If your child does not have any work to make up this is a great time to encourage them to get outside and play. In order for your child to be counted present on that day, they will need to complete the lesson or activity sometime before Monday. The teachers will use this activity to mark your child present.

Clinic Needs - We would love to get some gently used boy bottoms, undies, socks and belts. We have several girl's things for when we need to change clothes, but we are running low on boys items. Any elementary sizes will be great.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Sale Ends Monday, 10/12 - Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies are now on sale. You may purchase them via RevTrak or by completing the flyer below and returning it to a check made out to Mount Pleasant Academy.

Do not line up for dismissal prior to 2:00 pm

Arrival & Dismissal Reminders

Dear MPA Parents,

We need your support with keeping everyone safe during dismissal. We have quite a bit of car traffic in the area and it is creating several safety concerns. Cars and golf carts pulling onto the shoulder are causes walkers and bike riders to weave in and out of traffic. When we add this to drivers pulling into oncoming traffic to get around the car line, we have a dangerous situation. Please take some time to review the request below. Our goal is student and parent safety. We need everyone's help to make this happen. We have to put student safety above convenience.

  • We encourage everyone who is picking up their child in a car to use the car line or park and ride. These are MUCH safer ways to pick up children and limits the amount of parents pulling off of the shoulder while students are riding down the street to go home.

  • Our neighbors ask that parents waiting in their cars on neighboring streets turn off your ignition and turn down your radios. They are concerned about the exhaust and noise from cars during dismissal.

  • The Mount Pleasant Police Department is asking that we do NOT line up early for dismissal. We are causing traffic on Center street 45 minutes BEFORE dismissal.
  • They are also asking that parents do NOT drive into oncoming traffic to get around the line. This is a traffic violation.
  • With afternoon dismissal traffic coming in from 3 different directions, our car line is extremely slow. We would like all car line traffic to enter the line on Center Street heading toward Royall Avenue. This will help us avoid alternating traffic and and speed up the line a bit.

Do not enter or exit car line via Simmons Street!

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Follett Book eFair Now Open

Follett Book eFair

Supporting a love for reading is critical to student success. Explore our online book fair and help your child discover their next favorite book.

Now everyone can participate! Encourage your child to create their online wish list and share with friends and family.

Our eFair code: M1G5L

Orders are due by: October 31, 2020

Follett will ship your books to MPA after the fair closes. MPA earns up to 40% back in rewards for every purchase made.

Thank you for your support.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Mount Pleasant Academy Elementary School, working in partnership with families and the community, is to assist each student to excel academically, to act responsibly and to expand talents and social skills by providing diverse learning experiences in a nurturing environment.

Our Vision

All students will leave Mount Pleasant Academy prepared to make a positive impact on their community.