Mobile Self-Defense Weapon

Don't you want to get a brand new Smartphone?

This brand new smartphone is a unique device. It has all the same features as your other smartphones, but can turn into a weapon to help defend. If you're being robbed or jumped then pull it out. This new device can turn into a Mace, Sai, Baton, Nun-chucks, or even a shield. This is applied with any color that you choose. The case of the phone will bullet-proof with any color or design. It has a space of 32GB. It is sold for $300.00. Bring this poster to get 30%off! This phone will be sold at Verizon, Walmart, and RadioShack.

Transformer Technologies Products

Come to one of our suppliers and get a brand new phone today!

This flyer won't be available forever! Make sure to bring a flyer in before June 1st 2014. Remember to bring it to Verizon, RadioShack, or Walmart, our suppliers.

Transformer Technologies

Transformer Technologies is well known for the revolutionary transforming smartphones. If you need something fun to play on, but also something to defend yourself in case if someone's out to get you then buy one today. We are not liable in court for any accidents, death, or injuries caused to the buyer.