all about the sloth


A sloth is about two feet long. They have thick looking fur and sometimes have alege growing on it. Sloth have two or three claws depending on the tipe of sloth. That is what a sloth looks like.


Do you ever wonder where sloths live? Well sloths live in rainforest like the Amozon. They also live in Central and South Amarica. At one point in time sloths lived in Nort Amarica.

What They Eat

Do you ever think about what sloths eat? Sloths eat leaves and sometimes will snack on allege growing on its fur! Sloths are Herbivores so they don't eat meat. Well thats what they eat.

Some Cool Fun Facts

Read this to learn some more interesting fun facts about the sloth. Sometimes if a sloth hangs up-side-down for a long time the hair on its belly will grow backwards from its belly to its back. A sloth can hold its pee and poop up to a week. Those are the fun facts.


Thats the sloth the incredibly slow creature I was talking about. You have learned that sloths are about two feet long, sloths will snack on allege growing on its fur and that they live in Central and South Amarica. thats just some of the info about a sloth.
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