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hey little diddle

The cat, cow, dog, dish, and the spoon were all friends. The dish ran away with the spoon and got married.They all lived in a barn together by the old pony stable. It was late at night and everyone is sleeping in the town. The cat loved to play the fiddle and the cow wanted to see the moon up close, and the dog likes sports. The cow took the longest jump I had ever seen. The dish and the spoon however ran far far away.

YouTube takeover

Youtube, a website you can watch videos on, be attached to family, friends, the world and for just seeing and showing one video to make someone's day.

The creators of Youtube thought about creating it February 2005 and decided to make it a thing December of that same year. Youtube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim. MCN, a company, thinks that youtubers will take over and end up leaving their contract with MCN.

The Youtuber who goes by the name “Overly Attached Girlfriend” has gained 844,0oo subscribers. Zonday, a famous Youtuber, has became popular by posting a music video called “Chocolate Rain” got over 93 million views, and comments saying he changed their lives. Youtubers make money by ads/commercials and views. To become a top Youtuber, you need to have consistency, a nonstop work schedule and grow an audience. Youtube is not the best place to find information. Once in awhile, you may find an educational video uploaded, but it is very rare. Youtube has changed so many kids and grown adults lives. More than 20 youtubers have made a book (Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Joey Graceffa, etc.)

In conclusion, it is not easy being a You tuber and the people you watch are just really good at their jobs. Don’t be afraid to do what you love, it might take awhile, but you will get their “I promise.“

finding nemo

It is story of a fish who went to school and he and his friends found a boat. His friends want Nemo to go touch it and they did not think he would, but his dad saw him. His dad told him to come back because he did not want to lose him, just like his wife and other kids too. He then travels the whole ocean from the Great Barrier Reef all the way to Sydney, Australia. The dad finds friends along the way to help him get there faster and safer. They end up finding Nemo, and something else happens, but you will need to watch it to find out.

Neko Kitty Atsume

Neko Atsume is a fun game and easy to play. How you play is you buy toys at a shop. Then you place them where you want and you wait. When the cats come, you take pictures and when they leave, they give you money.The money is so you can buy more toys to get new cats.

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