Football helmets

Can one help reduce injury than another?

The concussion

BANG! Two football player collide helmet to helmet. They are both down on the field in agony. After a few minutes they get carted off the field and taken to the locker room to get checked. After the doctor checked them they were both diagnosed with a concussion. A concussion is a situation where the brain shakes in your head caused by a violent blow to the head.

life Changed By A Concussion

a typical fun loving athlete named zack lystedt, was playing football. but toward the end of the third quater he went to tackle another player and hit his head really hard. a few plays later he went back in. at the end of the game he was walking to his car with his dad and then he callapsed. He was saying that his head hurt really bad. He was taken to the emergency. Zack was minutes from dieing. he had a bleed in the left and right side of his a statement that zacks mother said," i dont want any other family to go we went through." Dont let your son go through what zack went through.

virginia tech football helmet rating

The virginia tech football helmet rating system is a system where they have a drop test that mimics what players might expereince on the field.they drop the helmet from six feet in the air on to a rubber andcement block. Parents and coaches know that no helmet can prevent a concussion. You have a less chance of getting a concussion with a five star helmet than a one star helmet. but another helmet system nown as NOCSA strongly disagrees with the virginia tech study. NOCSA is similar but they give it a pass fail. they claim that a five star helmet is no better than a one star helmet. Dr.stefan duma, the founder of the virginia tech study says," a helmet can pass the NOCSA test by a little or alot. what im trying to say is that the helmets that pass it by alot are much better." this purpose of this study is to inform parents and coaches that the helmet that their kids are using is the worst.
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riddell speed flex

The riddell speed flex helmet is the new inovation in football helmets. as you can see in the photo above, the speed flex helmet is the highest ranking helmet in the virginia tech study. in the speed flex is something called the srs system. the srs system is paper thin sensors the when a hit is at a high enough threshold, it will send an alert to the trainor. This doesn't diagnose concussions, it gives a piece information they would otherwise not have.
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