Birth to Three

1225 Langlade Road, Antigo, WI 54409

Birth to Three Program

Birth to Three is a Wisconsin program that provides early intervention to children ages birth to three years of age. The Birth to Three program is statewide with local agencies located in Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade counties. The office hours for these locations are 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.

History and Funding of Birth to Three

The Birth to Three program originally based its services as a playgroup or center based therapy. The parents would bring their child to the facility and therapist would work with the child for an allotted time once a week. The parents originally did not have much involvement with the therapy process. As the program grew it became more family oriented and began providing services in the child's home with a great amount of family participation.

Birth to Three services are funded through private insurance, Badgercare insurance, self pay, grants and taxes at Federal, State, and local levels. Birth to Three is a Federally Mandated program.

Involvement of Birth to Three

The Birth to Three program involves the parents in all the decision making. The program encourages parent participation and offers parent coaching. The Birth to Three program helps the parents establish strategies that will help the child progress and works with the parents on following through with the strategies. Birth to Three also develops an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to guide the child's care. Birth to Three reviews the IFSP every six months or sooner if needed. Once the child turns thirty months old, Birth to Three case managers discuss with the family if they want to be referred to the school district. If the parents choose to be referred to the school district, the child is eligible for an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) when they reach thirty-three months old. Once the child reaches thirty-six months old they are no longer able to receive services from Birth to Three.

Birth to Three provides transitional services in facilitating referrals to the local school district as well as providing the foundation of information for the IEP. Birth to Three also arranges meetings for the child to meet their Early Childhood Educator.

Services and Eligiblity

Birth to Three provides an array of services that include; psychological, counseling, nutrition, evaluation, technology and transportation. To qualify for these services, the child must be under the age of three and have developmental delays of 25% or greater or have been premature baby of 32 weeks or less. The child could also have a medical condition that would qualify them for services.

Most children that require services are referred to by a physician. Other referrals may be from family or day care providers. Any child that has been involved with the Social Service Agency is automatically referred to Birth to Three as well. Families are able to contact Birth to Three at any time if they feel concerned about their child's development.

Assessment and Evaluation

The Birth to Three program is evaluated through a state consultant. The productivity level is monitored through a computer program. The case managers also provide surveys to the families involved with Birth to Three to receive feedback on their program. In addition to all that, case managers also assess the children to monitor progress or digression. These assessments guide the case manager's strategies on how to manage the child's care.