Halftime is Over . . .

. . . Time to get Moving--and Logging!

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Our 2nd Half Comeback Starts Now!

How many games have been won by the Dawgs in the 2nd half?

Keep logging your times team, because we start the 2nd half of this year's contest TODAY!

I can think of 1 great 'come from behind' victory--the 2013 Boys Basketball Regional Final v. Dakota on the Dawgs home court--an amazing victory.

Post your favorite 'come from behind' win on our Facebook page--and then make sure you and your Aquin supporters log their times on the FHN site. We know in just the past week we had many, many boys at football camp, 7 girls at volleyball camp (congrats on the championship) and 5 boys playing baseball for 6 days. Even if you aren't in this group, we know that you're active daily--it only takes a minute to log your times and help Aquin win $2000 (that's a lot of Adesse tickets to sell!).

Go here and enter any active minutes from up to 2 weeks ago!