Pyschology Magazine

Issue 133

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Pyschosocial - written by They Call Me Craig

I have had a great opportunity to have an exclusive interview with psychology student Dalton Price to learn more about him and his personality. When asked about his personality, he said "I'm usually very quiet around people, especially new people, sometimes it could take weeks for me to talk to someone new but sometimes it could take minutes; depends on their personality" he continued "I think that shows a lot about me. When I become more comfortable around people, i begin to open up and act more like me, which some people might prefer quiet me better!"

"The reason why i think people would prefer quiet me is because I'm just a weird person, though a lot of people love me because of my weirdness because it makes me pretty funny. You'll never know what'll come out of my mouth next!"

I asked Dalton what traits he valued the most "Uhh the traits I value the most is that I'm caring, I like to help out those around me and usually put their needs before mine. Another thing is that I consider myself weird and I love that about myself because I wouldn't not want to be weird; I love being different. Most wouldn't know I'm weird until the actual get no know me though but most people don't get to know me" he laughed "But seriously, like it says in My Plague by Slipknot:"The only thing you'll really know about me is..... that's all you'll ever know" that quote accurately describes my relationship with most strangers because they don't know anything about me a probably never will."

Do you think there is a link between your personality and emotions? " Well yeah, I suppose, I think the way I act usually is because the way I feel, like I act my emotions with personality I guess."

When asked about the role personality plays in emotional intelligence, he said "Well since most of the time I don't talk because I don't talk around most people, I think that makes me have terrible emotional and social intelligence" he continued " I think it's important to understand yourself and your emotional and social intelligence because it can help you down the road. It can help choose good friends, get a job, make good social decisions and such and such."(sic)