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Welcome to our classroom newsletter!

Here's a peek at our week...

This week, students worked on several exciting activities in our classroom. In English, online writing folders were created by all of the students, so that any writing assignments will be instantly shared with me. When I conference with students to discuss or revise writing pieces, the original work always remains and any edits are made below the original paragraph(s).

In Nutrition science, we are reviewing safe cooking practices in preparation for our upcoming foods lessons. We are hoping to be back in the kitchen soon and cooking up some tasty fall treats! I am aware of several students with gluten-free preferences. If there are any other food sensitivities I need to be aware of, please email me (krobertson@spfk12.org).

In Social Studies, we completed our Classroom Constitution. The five principals the students created are as follows:

  1. All students will be respectful of other people's feelings, belongings, and personal space.
  2. All students must be prepared for class each day with all necessary materials by the bell.
  3. A student has the right to get help from an adult or classmate, if s/he asks politely for assistance.
  4. If a student cannot wait for lunch, s/he will be allowed to eat a small, working snack at the back table if necessary (but not daily).
  5. A student may choose to move to the Library area or Silent Work Station to work quietly on an assignment or read a book after classwork has been completed.

During Math class, students have completed two pre-assessments- one on basic skills and another on place-value and general number knowledge. These skills will be applied during our financial literacy unit on banking. They have also explored their ixL.com web accounts. Students may continue to work on basic math skills tasks at home by logging into their newly created Moby Max account. The web address for this site is: https://www.mobymax.com/signin

What's the Scoop on Homework?

Will there ever be any?

The answer is...yes, but not in the form your child may be accustomed to receiving at school. Students will be able to work on basic skill practice in a variety of subjects through their Moby Max account. Students are free to explore throughout the month of September, and may be assigned more specific expectations for practice in October.

Students may also log onto Read Theory by going to http://www.readtheory.org/auth/login. Specific usernames and passwords have been automatically created and are written in each child's agenda book. The first activity is a pre-assessment, so please allow your child to work on it as independently as possible. This will help to create the most appropriate learning opportunities for future online sessions.

As for worksheets, essays, projects, etc...these will not typically be required. I often tell students that instead of homework, I prefer to assign LIFEWORK. I want students to go out with friends, see a movie, order a pizza (with parent supervision, of course), text a classmate, play a sport, watch a football game, or even volunteer within our community. These are the essential life skills that are the backbone of the Self-Contained program at SPFHS. I want students to work on social and vocational skills more often than academic skills, because these are the true keys to a successful future. You may occasionally see a journal sent home where students can reflect on life experiences and share events with the class. Your child will not be graded for spelling or grammar on these particular writings, so feel free to allow him or her to write without feedback. (If your child would prefer to draw, s/he is welcome to do so.)

If you have any other questions regarding homework, please let me know.

Future Fliers

Students work each week to generate their own news stories, which you will be able to read in our upcoming newsletters. Please remember that all student work represents a stage of growth, and therefore an article may be missing the occasional comma or capitalization. The initial goals are to improve upon content and details, so please ignore any minor mishaps and help us to celebrate the amazing writers we have within room 156! (We will focus more on grammar and mechanics throughout the school year.)

About Mrs. Robertson

I am a teacher, mom and fellow Scotch Plains resident. I have lived here my entire life and I am proud to raise my children here alongside of yours. Please reach out to share your own news stories or events that we can all enjoy within our community. You may just read about it in one of your child's future news articles!