Meat-based vs. Plant-based Diets

Getting to Know the Truth

First The Meat Eaters

Meat is good but are we eating too much? The people of America eat about eight ounces a day. About 2 billion people worldwide live on a meat-based- diet. US livestock is sufficient to feed 840 million people who feed on a plant based diet. The population that is on a meat-based- diet has increased since the 1900’s. Soon our livestock will not be enough to feed all of america. What will we do about that?? It is assumed that more people will began to eat a more plant based diet.

For the Veggie Eaters

Believe it or not but having a plant based diet is better than having a meat based diet. Having a plant based diet allows you to have a lower cholesterol, better blood sugar, and lower rates of cancer. About 4 billion people worldwide live on a plant-based-diet. Another word for plant-based-diet is Lacto Ovo Vegetarian. Lacto Ovo Vegetarian diets enables individuals to meet basic nutrient needs. Although, sometimes its nice to get a little meat on your plate, a plant based diet is the healthiest way to go.

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that the U.S production system uses up about 50% of total U.S land area, 80% of freshwater, and 17% of fossil energy. In the world, as a whole, we are running out of fresh water. We give most of that water to our live stock, soon we won't have any water for our selves. Also, farmers are losing soil from planting and replanting, since they can’t wait for new soil so they use more fertilizer. This fertilizer is running into our streams and lakes, which leads to our rivers and soon our oceans.

Land growing is a concern because of the rapid rate of soil erosion, the population growth in humans will damage the already damaged food supply. For the simple fact that there soon will be more humans than live stock.

Plant VS Meat Calories | Dr. Michael Greger