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CLASSROOM UPDATES: 11/11/15 - 11/20/15


Reading Unit: Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction

Focus: Putting it all together

Writing Unit: Investigative Journalism

Focus: Developing news-writing skills by observing the world around us.


Unit: Expressions and Functions (chapter 5)

Students are learning how to analyze tables and graphs as functions and will be taking a quiz over tables and graphs next Tuesday.

Advanced Math

Unit: Linear Equations and their Graphs. Focus on slope intercept and standard form.

Quiz next Wednesday over slope and slope intercept.


Unit: The Universe

Quiz next week, and then students will move on to Earth's processes.


Unit: Life in the Colonies

Essential Questions: What was life really like in the colonies?

Students have learned about colonial life on farms, in cities, religion, government, slavery, education, families, and leisure by examining historical artifacts. They will have a test next Monday/Tuesday. Students will receive a study guide tomorrow to prepare.


The following teachers are available before or after school for students who need extra assistance:

Mrs. McDaniel- Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:30pm. She will not be available on Thursday, 11/19.

Mr. Pearcy- Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays until 4:30pm.

Mr. Krankowski- Email for an appointment.

Mr. Mudd- Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:30pm. He will not be available Thursday, 11/19.

Mrs. Cathey- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:30pm.

Mr. Lorentzen is available in the mornings from 7:15am until school begins, 11/12 until 4:30pm, 11/17 unil 4:30pm.

Ms. Barkho: Next Monday and Tuesday until 4:30.

-Please email the teachers if your student is planning to stay so we know to look for them. Students not staying with teachers are asked to leave the building.


Please make sure your student is charging his or her Chrome book at night so they are prepared to work in the morning. Thanks!

Also, there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 30th. :)