oink,oink do you like pig as a pet?

You should get a pig as a pet because they like to sleep and relax so when you like to sleep and relax they will sleep and relax. And they like to play them so time some play what you play. The last is they also help work too. If you need to they will work.

Sleep and Relax

Pigs like to sleep and relax. When they are done working. When pig relaxes “They curly the tail to relaxes” pg26. The next one is that pigs sleep most of the time. “Pigs flop down on its side to snooze” pg26. So they would be a good pet to have if you what a relax pet.

Pigs playing

Do you want to know something pigs assume time like to play too? Pig can do tricks easily. “They spend lots of time rooting in the dirt “pg26. Do you know that pig? “Can go outdoors find plenty to do”pg26. Something else that pig can be indoor pigs too. “Farmers also give pigs toys”pg26. So you can have an indoor or outdoor pig as a pet.

Pigs Working

Do you know that pig can work to find you what you want? “The pig’s appetite has allowed people to use pigs as a cleanup” pg42. Something cools that “They help get ready for planting a new crop” pg42. Pig is sometime used to find truffles rare tasty fungi that grow about 12inches underground” pg42.

I hope that you get a pet that is relaxing pet. And a pet that like to play a little. The last reason is that they can work. So I have told you the reason you should get a pig as a pet.

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